I am a sculptor and visual artist who addresses themes of materialism and consumerism by using discarded materials. I frequent tips to collect discarded metals and also utilise objects given up by nature.

Metal is flattened, cut, hammered and contoured, then pop-riveted and wired to create the artwork. In the more illustrative pieces acrylic paint is applied. Subjects are portraits of imagined and sometimes real characters, most of whom embody optimism in the face of adversity.

The boy 'Leo' and his dog' Fritz' are popular subjects. Also the 'urban schoolgirl' , a self portrait is a recurring character. Most subjects are battlers who are able to make good and enjoy life despite encumbrance.

Work is sold by private commission, website , various exhibitions, and I endeavour to have a solo exhibition every two years.

A shire commission in 2006 " the Scroungers" is a permanent installation at the Metung Transfer Station. 2007.

I completed my book of limericks( photos of artwork and humerous prose.)

Also in 2007 ,to celebrate the 'LOng Now',I was commissioned to do an installation at the 'open house' in Nowa Nowa.This is now a permanent art site. My installation in this decrepit old house is of a wall sumptuously wallpapered , but eaten by nesting 'consumerites'. ( Insects made from wire cork ,share market newspaper and polymer- about one hundred of them). This site can be seen on the Nowa Nowa website.

2008 and after 18 months work,I opened my travelling installation "Insectoria" at the East Gippsland Art Gallery. It was exhibited in Sept 2008 then this year went to the Brunswick Street Galleries where it was installed for two weeks in Feb 2009. Images of this work can be seen in the gallery section of this website.

The VB bug has been acquired by the East Gippsland Shire and installed in the atrium of the newly built Forge Theatre  ( from Nov 2010)

2010 was  a crap year , a rollercoaster ride of disasterous relationships, not just my own but close friends of mine also. I was emotionally drained and found it  difficult to be inspired, eventually I found a way to channel my disappointment.....  2011 and another exhibition  opened  at Brunswick Street Gallery. Titled " Love clipped wings on birds of stone."  It was themed on love and loss, grief and heartbreak. It was a small intimate look at relationships, love and disappointment.  Sculptures were of birds made from pebbles , wire and tin. There were also canvases with poetry. ( see gallery pics )

Next up was a commission for the East Gippsland Shire, titled 'Swarm' . Once again  'consumerites' , this time 100 of them displayed on an amorphic cloud of knitted copper wire (@ 3 metres long.)

 2011 I worked  part time in the 'real world' as an integration aid  at a very cool primary school. Also taking children for art activities, it was very rewarding in that I learnt as much from them as they did from me.

Larger metalscapes have evolved , 'View of Mt Martha' and 'Northcote matters' were two large intricate works.  They were both privately commissioned. ( see gallery)

 I ran two workshops on 'illuminated junk' in Orbost, I enjoyed seeing what other people came up with and sharing their creativity.  The results were diverse and rewarding.

December 2012 I launched my book. ' A junkyard full of limericks.' A fifty-odd paged hand bound book with images of artwork accompanied by limericks and cartoons. A culmination of working for a decade, making art from junk.

2013 and I exhibited at 'Feast on East' gallery in Orbost for the month of February.

2014 I worked for the East Gippsland Shire on community projects. Mandalas with schoolchildren, metal power pole sleeves with a women's group and a  large public mural in Bairnsdale with students from the East Gippsland Specialist School.I also completed private commissions and have been busy using my love of plants in landscape development and design . 

2015,16,17 I continue to work on community projects , murals and working with the Noweyung artists which has been rewarding and much fun!  

Making copper jewellery ( Seaofcopper .com)  

My next exhibition is at Amegilla gallery in Bruthen from August 4th  2017. Different from my usual work, it is form and emotion based. Made from copper scraps, it is  titled 'Undersea' . Floating and drifting 3D forms reminiscent of what I see when I'm doing one of my favourite things, which is  I diving and drifting below the waters. (I will post pics later this year.)

I hope you enjoy looking at the images of my work!


Kate Shone

I can be contacted on 0438063359

or via email at kateshone62@gmail.com